Transformation In Ourselves


Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. Funny enough, it’s also the day of the week that makes me the most uncomfortable.

On Thursdays I attend a campus prayer group with other staff and faculty members. We get together for thirty minutes to pray for our students, staff, faculty, administration, and the things happening on our campus. The first Thursday of each month, I lead the prayer group.

I’m an introvert and despite other people’s opinions, I do not consider myself a people person. Public speaking and speaking in groups are not at the top of my “favorite things to do” list. I also dislike praying aloud in front of others. I worry that my words won’t make sense, that I’ll pray for the wrong things, or that it won’t sound “religious enough”. I also haven’t been following Jesus for very long and am definitely the newbie in our group.

I usually pick the Verse of the Day from my Bible app to read, pray for unity and clarity on campus, and then stop talking so that the others can pray. Some days we go around the circle three or four times (it’s a small circle, usually of only four or five people) and I still only speak once. Today was the first Thursday of the month and I was sure that it would be like all the rest.

Last night I decided to ask God what I should pray for during our time together. I didn’t hear Him. I normally don’t hear an audible voice, but I thought He may have spoken to me in another way, usually through song or scripture. Nope, nothing. So today I opened with Job 23:10-11 (because it was the verse of the day) and suddenly the prayers just started pouring out.

  • For our new university system President
  • For collaboration among campus departments
  • For the safety and decision making of our students during the upcoming St. Patrick’s day celebration
  • For rest and mindfulness among staff and faculty
  • For others in the group with upcoming presentations and deadlines
  • For us to continue to grow our circle of believers

I’ve never had the confidence to do that before. God transformed me today and is stirring something inside my heart. He’s meeting me where I am, right now, in my faith.


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