Progress Not Perfection


It’s been four days so far. I’ve completed one-tenth of my journey. Honestly, it’s been difficult balancing my job, working out, eating right, and my meditation.

My boyfriend and I went to visit his family for the weekend. They’re wonderful people and treat me like I’ve been a part of the family for years. They don’t always understand my dietary preferences, they try though. It’s probably because every time I visit, my preference changes. First I was a pescatarian (often referred to his family and mine as Presbyterian), then I was a vegetarian, and now I’m a vegan. They also live in a smaller city so restaurants, especially sit down restaurants, are limited.

For lunch, we went to a place that they call “the Truckstop”. Its real name is “Star 66 Café” and it really is located at a truckstop in Central Illinois. To my surprise, the place was quite popular and customers continued to arrive long after we were seated. After spending an extensive amount of time looking at the menu, I decided to order a vegetable skillet with no egg or cheese. Right about now you’re probably asking yourself, “Is she serious?” Yes, yes I am. I wanted breakfast and that skillet was the only thing I could customize to make vegan and gluten free. I’ve also become quite comfortable with asking servers for bizarre requests. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered a fried chicken salad without the chicken.

Before dinner we went to visit his godparents. His godmother just had a birthday and they asked me if I wanted a piece of cake. Instead of explaining that I was a vegan and couldn’t eat it, I politely told them no thank you. It looked delicious though; that buttercream frosting was calling my name. I think they noticed that I was eyeballing the cake because the godfather offered me his bag of almonds. Almonds don’t taste anything like cake, not even close, but that small handful was just what I needed to resist giving in.

For me, that small substitution meant everything. I’ve tried being a vegan twice now, once last May and the other at the beginning of this year. After a month or so I usually cave, either because I get tired of the same recipes or because I become stressed. I’ve been checking out some new ideas from Minimalist Baker, Dana, so hopefully that’ll spark some inspiration. I’m committed to sticking with it this time. I won’t let a stumble in the road be the end of my journey.


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