Dream Big. Work Hard. Change Lives.


That’s the motto for my university’s Alternative Break program. I’m advising a trip this year and we’re leaving tomorrow morning to head to our service location. This will be my third trip; I traveled to Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs when I was an undergrad and loved the experience so much that I applied to come back as an advisor.

This next week will be interesting to say the least. We’re traveling to Bastrop, Texas. Where is that exactly? I’m still not entirely sure, but it’s about thirty miles southeast of Austin. My team and I will be doing some environmental restoration work in a local forest park. The students have even dubbed us as team “Forest People”.

Essentially, we’re camping, well kind of. It’s more like we’re staying in cabins and using gas stoves instead of tents and campfires. Whatever you want to call it, we’ll be outdoors for seven nights and six days. This is a first for our program. Trying to figure out logistics and meal situations has been tedious, especially for me since I’m a vegan and the only one on the team with dietary restrictions. I should be able to eat every meal except for the night when we have chili and hot dogs. Good thing I packed a small stash of almonds just in case.

This trip will be a nice mental break from work. I don’t think we’ll have any wifi signal which means no email notifications. I’m normally not an outdoorsy person, but since my last two trips have focused on food and hunger I thought this might be a chance to step outside of my comfort zone. We’ll see how it goes!

P.S. Today was my fifth day of intermittent fasting.


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