Paulo Coelho Is A Wise Man


I set a couple of goals last week and I’m proud to say that I accomplished them all.

1. Pray daily using A.C.T.S.S.

2. Register for an upcoming Easter 10K

3. Do my MBSR practice three times and complete the assigned reading

4. Try intermittent fasting for five days.

It was a beautiful first day in Bastrop and to my surprise, I enjoyed our hike and learning about the history of the trails and park. What I’m not such a fan of is the role that I have on this team.

I’m an adult. Although there are students older than me, I’m technically classified as “the adult” for this trip. I’m not the leader, just the advisor. The person to help make sure that things run smoothly, that everyone is safe, and that people are having fun and getting along.

I don’t really feel like I’m being a good advisor. Why not? I’m not really sure. Everyone seems to be having a nice time, but I don’t feel like they’re having a nice time with me.

I do this a lot. Doubt myself. Every leadership role or job position that I’ve had, I’ve doubted myself. But I always manage to follow through on my responsibilities and committments. Always. I just never realize it beforehand.

My boyfriend tells me all the time that I’m a superstar, I just don’t realize it. He even gave me a tshirt that says “superstar in the making”. So for Christmas when I asked for a book, I should have known he would give me one that would help me embrace my superstar potential. He actually gave me two, The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage, both by Paulo Coelho. I finished The Alchemist in January and am working my way through The Pilgrimage.

I came across this passage yesterday while reading it and found it applicable for today and this week.

“And most important, remember that you have to find support for yourself in the love that consumes during every minute of the climb, because it is that love which directs and justifies your every step.”

Believe in yourself.


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