Last week my aunt asked me to complete a 40-day eating cleanse with her for Lent. This means no dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, and a few other things for forty days. The crazy thing is that I happily accepted because I’m desperately in need of a change.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I recently graduated from college in May 2016 and now work full-time for a university. During my four years, I created a lot of good habits. I began eating healthier, became a pescatarian, then a vegetarian, and am currently transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I started jogging and then eventually running, one mile here, a 5K there, and completed my first half-marathon almost one year ago. And I found a wonderful church home where I decided to really follow Jesus for the first time.

You’re probably wondering what the problem is? Healthy food, fitness, and connecting with the Lord are all things that I enjoy. However, the stress of my new job and this thing called “adulting” have made it a little difficult to continue these good habits. I often find myself physically and emotionally exhausted, with little self-control over what I eat. So beginning March 1st, I’ve decided to blog my 40-day journey.

No longer is this journey just about healthy eating, but it’s now about getting back to the things that I once loved. No longer is this just about physical detoxification, but it’s about detoxing from all the current noise and distractions in my life. It’s about reconnecting with Christ. It’s about being strong-minded, resilient, and a woman of fortitude.

Eve, Rebekah, Deborah, Leah, Rachel, Ruth, and Esther – all biblical women who exemplify fortitude. Reserved, modest, quiet, hidden, and self-controlled – all words that describe Esther. Apart from self-control, they’re all words that describe myself. I am hidden Esther and this journey is about regaining control of my life.